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aitEdge-PMS introduce

aitEdge-PMS is a web-based project management & time tracking software. A perfect tool that saves your time, adaptable and cost-effective. Empower your teams to create plans, organize their work, and track tasks. This software will increase your productivity, allow you to collaborate more efficiently, and help run your team like a well-oiled machine.

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improve planning

Project planning software helps you plan and organize your team's work.

Collaboration is easy

A simple and easy to use application which collaborate with team and save infrastructure cost.

Highly Designed

Project management platform for project managers who want a beautiful tool that makes work truly enjoyable.


A beautifully designed user interface , Ease of use paired with great functionality

More Features

  • Dashboard

    Dashboard comprise of design/approval works count, ongoing/completed projects count, ongoing task count. Single click on any records to see detailed view.

  • Lead Management

    Maintain all kinds of lead very easily. Follow up option for each lead with date and follow up note. Search lead based on different options.

  • Quotation Management

    Create quotation directly or from existing leads. Follow-up option with follow-up date and note. Search quotation based on date and keyword. The main feature is that you can generate revisions for each quotation.

  • Proposal Management

    Create proposal directly or from existing quotations. For proposals from quotations, you can also select quotation revision. You can search proposal based on date and keyword.

  • Project Management

    The Project area is the main aspect of this application. Here you can create a project with customer details, company details, project type, project start date, end date. Also, from here you can allocate tasks to different users.

  • Task Management

    You can create a task for projects from this area and allocate to any user you wish. You can also track any task you want and also comment on the task.

  • Task Timesheet Creation

    Timesheet for a task is added from the area. Also, you can reassign the task or change tha status of the task from here.

  • Purchase Invoice

    Purchase Invoice can be created based on project or customer. Purchase details can be entered easily with the unit description, qty and price.

  • Sales Invoice

    Sales Invoice can be created based on project or customer. Sales details can be entered easily with the unit description, qty and price. Also, from here we can enter Payment terms in percentage so that the Receipt creation is distributed for this terms.

  • Labour Management

    Labour details can be managed from here. You can also search existing labours with their name.

  • Labour Timesheet

    Timesheet for labours can be easily created by selecting the customer or project, title, date, working hours, unit cost.

  • User Permission

    Every user can set module wise permissions.


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