aitEdge-MSS Transform your workforce management with our Manpower Supply Software.

Manpower Supply Software( aitEdge-MSS )

Manpower supply software(aitEdge-MSS) also known as workforce management software, labour supply software is a type of software designed to assist organizations in managing their workforce or labor pool.The main goal of Manpower Supply Software is to increase labour productivity and efficiently allocate human resources.The need for manpower supply software arises from the organization's challenges in effectively managing their workforce.

Labour suppliers regularly deal with part-time skilled, semiskilled and unskilled workers. Processing their operations and controlling this workforce on various projects can go effortlessly and less operationally with manual interventions. With aitEdge-MSS, businesses will be able to track every aspect of any particular activity from start to finish and also handle every process behind manpower supplying companies easily and effectively . aitEdge-MSS software is available for small, mid sized and large companies dealing with any workforce.

Why do we need aitEdge-MSS in the manpower supply industry ?

The workload of the manpower supply institution must be managed on an as-needed basis. And that's where aitEdge-MSS comes in , as it ensures smooth operations and will be a reliable tool for the operation of business management and the functioning of the institution.aitEdge-MSS is one of the cutting-edge ERP solutions available today with the possibility of undergoing a complete customization ability to manage the business at every level effectively and reliably at your fingertips.

  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • Improved Visibility of Workforce Performance
  • Increased Productivity
  • Expand Collaboration and workflows
  • Effective document management simplifies the functions of the company
  • Helps to compile every information about each employee
  • Updates on workforce engagements help to drive more business
  • Worker Management
  • Worker Document Management and Expiry Reminder
  • Camp Management and Accommodation management
  • Analyze & Monitor Worker Check-in & Check-out
  • Attendance & Timesheet Management
  • Worker Vacation Management
  • Requirement Management
  • Quotation Management
  • Quotation Approvals
  • Project Demand Request
  • Project Booking
  • Preparation of NOC, Undertaking letter and supplier undertaking letter
  • Worker Mobilization and Demobilization Management
  • Project Site Visit Tracking
  • Worker's Free list
  • Tools Inventory Management
  • Supplier Login
  • Invoice Management
  • User Management ( Marketing Executives , HR , Account , Camp Boss , Site supervisor , Site Admin , Site Incharge , Operations Manager, General Manager , Managing Director etc)
  • Customized Reports