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Why Website Maintenance is Important For Your Business Website

Why Website Maintenance is Important For Your Business Website

Website is a fundamental factor to grow your business. But maintaining your website for business doesn’t have to be a daunting task and is actually beneficial for multiple reasons. Properly maintaining your site helps to ensure site security, increase the number of new visitors etc. Every website needs regular updates that help to promote your brand, work, and mission. 

Website maintenance is important due to these reasons:

1. Boosts Site Track

In order to provide searchers with the best quality content, the search engines such as Google raise rankings for websites that are updated regularly. A higher ranking increases visibility of your website, which increases the likelihood that your content appears when your target audiences search for relevant keywords. Updating your website with information which is valuable, fixing broken links, removing duplicate pages, and keeping your content updated will help drive both new and returning visitors.

2. Improves Security

Security is the main and important reason for website maintenance and it is so important. If your organization is using a Content Management System (CMS) such as Drupal or WordPress, you will want to ensure that your site is keeping up with software patches and security updates. Failing to do gives hackers the chance to steal data from your website.

3. Optimizes the Visitor Experience

Regularly updating your site with sharable content such as upcoming events, image galleries, and blogs gives your audience an idea about who you are and what you do exactly. Engage with your audience by including actionable items such as a newsletter signup form and some social media icons that link to your profile of organization.A well-maintained website helps to promote your brand, work, and mission very efficiently. Urgently remove information that is out-of-date and conduct a site audit to track issues and errors on your site. You can do this regularly so that you can provide your visitors with the best possible user experience.

Here are some top 5 pitfalls that could happen if you don’t run your sites security updates.

1. Poor User Experience

Updation of sites provide new features and functionality to your website. Why wouldn’t you want new features or updates for your WordPress or Drupal site? The sooner you implement the latest update, the sooner you get that new functionality. Think of why you always are updating your smartphone. That is, if you’re using a WordPress site which is an older version  , your overall experience is a lot different and often slower than someone using the latest version.

2. Getting Hacked

Our top reason is the most evident and important one: security. Many people think that it can’t happen to them because their site is too small –why on earth would anyone want to hack it? While there’s a variety of reasons your site could get hacked, such as mining Bitcoin, stealing bandwidth, drive by downloads, or Blackhat SEO spam campaigns,etc. there’s usually one common denominator: an older site. The likelihood of an older website getting hacked is a lot greater due to it having less secure coding and modules which are not up to date. All they have to do is click the ‘view page source’ to see what WordPress version that you are running. So it’s that simple for the hackers to target outdated sites.

3. Wastage of Time and Money

When you fail to make updates when they become available, but then need to go back and make them later, it turns into a much larger development and also it makes a heavy Q/A effort. Thus the developer will need to spend much more time making the updates because the impact to the site is greater due to two reasons

1.Increased number of updates

2. module changes over time

More time is also needed for QA because of the increased functionality on the website affected. Implementing the new updates when it becomes available provides you with the latest and greatest functionality right away, overall improving your site.

4. Chance of Damage to the Website

The longer you wait for the update, the more risk you have that you will encounter a problem when you finally update your site. The more often you update the website, the less likely problems will arise. Skipping the latest updates (like 3.0 to 5.0), is a big no-no because eventually, someday you’ll be forced into the new updates. And that one day, your risk is too much higher because other modules will be out of date.

5. Slow Speed

There’s a reason for new releases. Each new release comes with various performance improvements that make your website more efficient. Let’s ask a question? You are going to visit a site and when you visit a site, and it takes too long to load – do you get impatient and navigate off? The website performance goes hand-in-hand with conversions and site results. Speed also has an impact on SEO. For this reason, utilize the tools like YSlow, or Google Page Speed Insights to review your speed of the site and determine what is causing the slower load. Website maintenance is an important factor for all organizations, both big and small. Your site must be regularly maintained and it will improve performance and provide a safe and secure environment for your visitors

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